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The Disease Symptoms

The Disease Symptoms your source for all symptoms and treatments of diseases. Learn about disease treatment and how to reduce disease symptoms and lead a healthy, productive life.

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Doctors’ recommendation – play 5 aside football
If you ask a doctor, the best piece of advice they can give you regarding how to improve your health is not necessarily related to keeping a diet, but rather to doing physical activity. Sure, eating healthy food has a positive impact on your body, but if you are interested in a healthy lifestyle, playing […]...
Posted on 29-03-2017
What are the first signs of hearing loss?
  Hearing loss is characterized by the sudden or gradual decrease in noise perception. Depending on the cause, hearing loss can vary in severity, from the mild form to the severe one, and it can be reversible, temporary or permanent. Hearing loss can affect all age groups, but, as incidence, it occupies the 3rd spot […]...
Posted on 23-03-2017
Conditions in which physical therapy is highly effective
  A great method to treat old injuries and prevent future ones is physical therapy. By getting involved in such therapies, the professional you collaborate with can help you diminish the pain in soft tissue such as joints, muscles and ligaments, so you will be able to regain flexibility and normal range motion. This Physical […]...
Posted on 22-03-2017
Dealing with sleep apnea
You might say that sleep apnea is just another sleep disorders and as many others, it has to do with stress. If people would just relax, meditate before going to sleep, maybe do a bit of yoga, things would turn for the better. Well, if other sleep disorders could be treated in this matter, sleep […]...
Posted on 17-03-2017
Simple Ways to Preserve Your Smile
If you’re someone who is concerned with keeping your smile intact as you get older, and let’s face it, most people are, then there are actually a few simple things you can do, even from your home. While going to see a dentist regularly can certainly help, there’s actually things at home that you can […]...
Posted on 13-03-2017
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