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Purple Room Healing

Holistic healing through Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Reiki Healing, Spiritual Hypnotherapy and Spirit Release Therapies. Located in Chennai. Call Kiran Relangi, C.Ht., @ +919500117031

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Is Mythology Real?
Indian history is steeped in mythology. Even modern politics has to deal with it at every step of national administration. But I’m talking about mythology at a personal level. Take Mahabharata and Ramayana for instance. Do you believe it is real? Something that has factually and historically happened in this land? Do you think it […]...
Posted on 23-01-2018
Watch your thoughts; for they become your words!
The quote on watching our thoughts is not about controlling our thoughts or suppressing our habits. What it says is simpler and more profound!...
Posted on 13-01-2018
Which emotions make your personality come alive?
The emotions that make me alive are those that I experienced intensely and they have also added to the definition of my personality. So what is personality in such a case, what is me?...
Posted on 02-12-2017
What is Spiritual Hypnosis?
This age is one of self awakening and self-enquiry. Spiritual Hypnosis helps aspirants explore questions about life, the purpose and meaning of life, their role and place in humanity, questions about death and to communicate with their Angel Guides, Master Guides and Ascended Masters....
Posted on 26-11-2017
Dragon on a Trapeze – our first ebook!
Dragon on a Trapeze by deadmanswill. A book of verses and my personal memoir - emotional, spiritual and delusional is here
Posted on 01-11-2017
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