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Purple Room Healing

Holistic healing through Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Reiki Healing, Spiritual Hypnotherapy and Spirit Release Therapies. Located in Chennai. Call Kiran Relangi, C.Ht., @ +919500117031

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How my son learned to speak!
Last year I’d visited a friend of mine whose children are unschooled. Since I and my wife were also considering homeschooling our son, my conversation with him naturally gravitated towards the whole concept of learning without school. My friend narrated a story of a psychologist who had recorded all the sounds his kid had uttered, […]...
Posted on 13-09-2018
Chakra Healing with Reiki – 7 Day Live Online Event – Cancelled
  Event Cancelled Please note that this event has been cancelled and we will shortly announce fresh dates for the next live healing broadcast. In the meanwhile you can also listen to our Chakra Healing Guided Meditation on the channel or listen directly here: Watch out for our 7 Day live Reiki healing online for […]...
Posted on 20-08-2018
Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree Workshop in Hyderabad – 25, 26 August 2018
We are happy to announce our next Reiki workshop in Hyderabad. This is a beginner workshop of Reiki 1st Degree and Reiki 2nd Degree. It is obligatory for participants to attend both the workshops since we follow a William Lee Rand lineage of teaching. The workshop is at our home in Sidhartha Nagar, Near Ameerpet, […]...
Posted on 10-08-2018
Chakra Healing – Guided Meditation || Tree Guide Method
We’ve published our first guided meditation video for Deep Chakra Healing through the Tree Guide Method. This guided meditation is a powerful chakra healing meditation session that cleanses and heals your chakras and the energy body. In the process, you are also connected to an ancient keeper of the earth through this meditation who can […]...
Posted on 09-08-2018
Eclipses – The Spiritual Significance by Anoo
This is a guest post by a dear friend and an intuitive healer Anoo at Breakthrough Holistic Therapy Center. Anoo is a Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Healer with additional specializations in NLP, EFT, Shadow Work, Matrix Reimprinting, Gestalt Therapy and Chakra Healing. You can get in touch with her at After listening to her perspective on eclipses […]...
Posted on 27-07-2018
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