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Purple Room Healing

Holistic healing through Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Reiki Healing, Spiritual Hypnotherapy and Spirit Release Therapies. Located in Chennai. Call Kiran Relangi, C.Ht., @ +919500117031

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Dragon on a Trapeze – our first ebook!
Dragon on a Trapeze by deadmanswill. A book of verses and my personal memoir - emotional, spiritual and delusional is here
Posted on 01-11-2017
Moving on – Beyond Depression
Moving beyond depression is a bit like leaving the ruins of your house blown apart by a sudden explosion. It’s tough! You don’t want to. It makes a melancholic sense to hang on to the broken pieces, hoping that you can still piece things together. You see the ghost of the sorrowful self still lurking […]...
Posted on 13-05-2017
Contempt – An intellectual’s shield against everything.
Years ago in my early days of blogging, I used to write against religious superstitions and blind beliefs. Needless to say contempt had been my biggest tool in propagating reason. I used to be pleased by a good number of comments and likes for my posts from people who supported my perspectives. Then one day […]...
Posted on 26-04-2017
Body Behaviour Workshop Update
Back from a deeply satisfying Body Behaviour workshop at Third Space in Thiruvannamalai and my first pilgrimage to Ramanashramam. Here’s the pic: For those of you who aren’t aware of Third Space, (FB Page) it is an amazing community space started  in Thiruvannamalai two years ago by my dear friends Naveen, Sangeetha, Rajeev and Isha. […]...
Posted on 30-03-2017
Self Awareness through Body Behaviour Workshop
How often are we aware of our inner state of being? Can we become aware of our emotions as they begin to arise, before they become a flood? How do we monitor our daily thoughts and emotions? How stressed and anxious are we in our daily routine? Self awareness is a way of progress – […]...
Posted on 06-03-2017
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