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We present daily all types of health problems, regular diseases, what are the causes of the diseases, symptoms and treatment. Tips that can help you to have a healthy life.

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2011-05-24 06:09:30
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Practicing mindfulness – where to start and how can it help you
  Practicing mindfulness became a condition in the 21st century, when society started to suffer more often from mental conditions. The prevalence of depression and the risks of developing other mental affections is obvious these days, and it mostly happens because of the chaotic lifestyle that … Read the rest...
Posted on 20-11-2018
Hangover remedies that will help you get through the day
  What happens after drinking all night long? In addition to the fact that you wake up with a terrible headache, you get hit by a wave of depression. You don’t feel like doing anything. All you want to do is stay in bed and hide away … Read the rest...
Posted on 08-11-2018
How Addicts’ Brains Work Differently Than Normal Peoples’ Brain
  The human brain is the same for everyone in that the number of neurons in one normal brain is similar to that of another brain. Other structural components of the brain are also similar from one person to another. However, studies have shown that the brain … Read the rest...
Posted on 22-10-2018
Healthy ways to deal with PTSD
  Veterans are haunted by images of horror. They see people killed in front of them or grenades being thrown at them. In spite of the fact that they are decorated as war heroes by the government, old soldiers feel anything but heroic. They consider themselves oddballs. … Read the rest...
Posted on 18-10-2018
What Can a Psychic Do for Your Health?
We are all equally fascinated by psychics and their powers. However, how accurate are they? You will be amazed to find out that many of us have similar abilities, but are not trained enough to use those the same way psychics do. But a bigger question on … Read the rest...
Posted on 27-09-2018
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