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We have a comprehensive database with newborn baby care tips, baby health and newborn baby articles for successful parenting of newborn baby.

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The link between marijuana use during pregnancy and mental disorders in children
For many to-be mothers out there, using marijuana during pregnancy may seem safe. However, a growing number of research papers and studies have shown damaging effects for both the baby and the mother. But today, we will focus on the damaging effects that marijuana use during pregnancy has on the......
Posted on 20-11-2018
Effects and dangers of consuming alcohol around children
  Many researchers focused on studying the negative impact of consuming alcohol around children. Most young people, from the age they are aware of their surroundings, do understand that their parents are consuming something they are not allowed to, this being alcohol. The impact on the children’s relationship with their......
Posted on 08-11-2018
How Substance Addiction Affects Pregnant Women?
  If you are a pregnant woman and you abuse drugs, you are potentially exposing your baby to psychological and physical damages.  The baby can end up with organ damages by the time it is born. The mother is also not spared from dangers of substance addiction. She is exposing......
Posted on 22-10-2018
The dramatic effects of drugs on unborn children
  The lives of millions of children are affected by substance abuse disorders. These children are at an increased risk of being abused or neglected, as well as at risk of not properly developing physically during pregnancy because the mother is a substance abuser. A safe environment, accompanied by positive......
Posted on 18-10-2018
Health guidelines for couples trying to have a baby
The decision of having a baby is an important step for any young couple at the beginning of their life together since a newborn will change their lives completely both on professional and personal life. However, many couples encounter problems conceiving a baby mostly because of the bad habits that......
Posted on 10-09-2018
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