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May 26

Why you should wear your hearing aids all day

Now that price is no longer a barrier, everyone can get hearing aids. There are many advantages to wearing these electronic devices. You hear better, your ability to understand speech is enhanced, not to mention that you have a better quality of life. There is no reason why you would not want to wear hearing aids. If you need help to improve your ability to perceive sounds and voices, visit You have already taken the step towards better hearing? Good for you! Hearing aids work, but you have to use them all the time. Most people wear their medical devices only when they go out, which is a big mistake. It is necessary to wear the hearing aids all day long, each and every day. Do not put them in the drawer. This is why.

Hearing is done with the brain, not with the ears

What you need to understand is that you hear with your ears and your listed with your brain. The ear picks up sounds and sends them to the brain. The brain, in turn, processes the auditory signals and adjusts them to the quality of listening conditions. Yes, cognition plays an important role in communication. When auditory signals are compromised by a hearing impairment, the processing center of the brain is deprived of proper stimulation. It forgets how to process sounds. Your brain needs to receive a variety of sounds consistently. Even if you find that the hearing aids are uncomfortable, try to make an effort. Wear them.

Hearing aids can help fight dementia

You may ask what connection is there between dementia and hearing loss. A very close connection. When you lose your ability to perceive auditory signals, your brain is forced to use twice as many resources to compensate. Memory and comprehension are the most affected ones. The great news is that sound-amplifying devices can help you fight dementia. Since your hearing function is restored, the part of the brain that processes auditory information is not in danger of shrinking. On the contrary, your brain will make more neural connections. What is the lesson to be learned here? You have to wear your hearing aids constantly.

Hearing in noisy places

The more you wear your hearing aids, the easier it will be for you to perceive sound in the presence of background noise. If you wear the medical devices all day long, you will be able to have conversations in loud settings. Sound is introduced by wearing the sound-amplifiers on a regular basis. Therefore, higher degrees of background noise will be tolerable. You will not mind mowing the lawn or using power tools. However, there are exceptions to the rule.

The bottom line is that hearing aids should be worn constantly, not every now and then. You have to listen to everything all the time. Otherwise, your hearing ability will not improve. Make a habit out of wearing the medical devices. Establish a routine of putting them on at a specific time in the day.



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