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Jun 22

Why social security disability claims are rejected


Have you ever stopped to think how many disabled people live in the United States? Chances are that you haven’t. People with impairments are often ignored by society. What you need to know is that approximately 1 in 5 people who are living in the U.S. have an impairment of some kind, whether cognitive, developmental or physical. What keeps these individuals going on is disability insurance coverage. This ensures them protection in the event of a mishap. Social security disability insurance helps these unfortunate people pay the bills. The thing is that not all claims are accepted at the very beginning. It has been estimated that a third of the disability applications are denied. These are the reasons why disability benefits claims are rejected.

Not enough work credits

So as to be eligible for social security benefits, a person must have worked in the past. Work credits are used to find out if you have the minimum amount of time. The work credits are determined based on age, the number of years for which the person has been employed, and the moment that they became disabled. The more one work, the more credits that one can add. As a rule, it’s necessary to have at least 40 credits. Those who don’t have enough work credits aren’t entitled to benefits. What happens when an individual doesn’t have enough credits to be insured for social security disability benefits? They apply for another disability program if they can meet the financial requirements.

Lack of strong medical evidence

For a social security disability claim, it’s paramount to bring forward medical evidence. This can take the form of physical examinations, mental health records, imaging studies, and so on and so forth. A great number of claims are rejected due to the fact that there isn’t solid medical evidence. Not even the best social security disability attorney Richmond VA can take on a case without serious proof. Those who wish to qualify for disability benefits should get hold of medical records. The Social Security Administration doesn’t want to know if the individual is impaired, but how severe is the disability and whether or not it’s long-lasting. Going for a medical exam isn’t considered proof. It’s recommendable to discuss the situation with the treating physician. Doctor’s notes can come in handy and they should be included in the medical file.

Too much income  

When the Social Security Administration denies a claim, they have good reason to do so. People who make a lot of money aren’t considered disabled because they can take care of themselves. their earnings are above $1,000 a month, so it’s considered that they have a substantial gainful activity. The result is that these people don’t qualify for social security disability benefits. They make too much money. it’s important to understand that denials of this kind, where the individual’s medical records aren’t scrutinized, are issued very fast. If an individual receives money from a trust or an investment, then there is no problem.


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