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Jul 27

What future moms should know about maternity leave in France?

If you just found out that you are pregnant, then you have to prepare for the period that is about to come, because there will be multiple changes and you will have to get used with every one of them. Depending on the type of pregnancy you have, you may need to spend more time at home, and to leave your job earlier than you may have planned. And in this case, it is important to know from the beginning the details of this process, because in this way you will not deal with any issues when the time comes. In case this is the first time you need a maternity leave, then you should know that the process might be a little overwhelming. In this article, you will find details that will help you clear things up, and know exactly what you should expect.

What is maternity leave?

In case you have no idea what this is, you should know that it is the period when you will stop to work because you are about to have a baby, or you are about to adopt one. You can find all the information you need if you get the numero cpam. In the majority of cases, people call it maternity leave, but you may also find it as family leave, or pregnancy leave, because it does not apply only to the mothers, who give birth, but also to the ones who adopt a child or to the fathers. Also, the domestic partners can benefit from the family medical leave. You should talk at your workplace, if they have an official maternity leave policy, because some companies have specific rules when it comes to this. There are cases when this period is not paid, and you have to know in time this aspect.

What you should know about the maternity record book?

You should know that future moms in France need a maternity record book, which has two main functions. The first role is that it is the tool that documents the medical procedures you will go throughout the pregnancy period and it will be the bond between you and the medical personnel. In case you will have to see a new doctor during the pregnancy period, you will only have to handle them the maternity record book, and they will find there all the information they need. In addition, the second role of the book is to provide a document in case of administrative follow-ups. You will have to take the record book to every one of your consultations. In case you do not know how it looks, you should know that it includes various layers for every one of the pregnancy stages, and it includes the dates at which you will have to take an examination. Also, there is written where you have to send certain documents, and where do you have to go for an examination. The midwife or the doctor will be the ones who will fill the book, and you should also know that the document is confidential.


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