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May 17

Top 5 Anti Aging Facial Exercises

Anti aging facial exercises can help you through your anti aging regime by making your skin look younger for longer. There is kind of a controversy around their effectiveness, but you should try them, after all, you have nothing to lose.

As skin ages, the muscle tone decreases and the skin is no longer elastic. This gradual sagging, but also the loss of fat of the skin`s outer layers negatively influence the aspect of the skin, generating all kind of unwanted effects. Among the consequences of aging there are wrinkles, veins, and discolorations. In addition, skin is getting dryer, while a lot of sun exposure enhances the effects of aging.

Facial and neck exercises have many benefits. First of all, they improve circulation and make the muscle tone stronger. Consequently, the effects of sagging are reduced. Moreover, these exercises do not require a lot of time and they can be done whenever you want, as long as there is a little privacy.

Next you will find out top 5 anti aging facial exercises

  • Sit upright and tilt your head back so you can view the ceiling. Keep your lips closed and start ample chewing movements. Make 20 movements. This exercise is good for toning your neck and jaw
  • Sit and keep your back straight then tilt your head back so you can see the ceiling. Open your lips and stick your tongue out as far as you can without feeling uncomfortable. While breathing regularly, count to 10 then return your tongue to your mouth. This exercise is for your chin and mouth.
  • Sit with your back straight and look ahead of you. Open your mouth as widely as you can, but without feeling uncomfortable. Count to 10 while breathing regularly through your nose, then close your mouth. This exercise is for toning your mouth and jaw.
  • Sit with your back straight and look ahead of you. With your eyebrows raised, rotate your eyes to the extreme right side then extreme left side. Repeat this exercise for eyes and brow five times.
  • Lie on the bed facing the ceiling and hang your head over the edge. Lift your eyebrows as much as you can while opening your eyes very wide. Relax and repeat this forehead exercise 10 times.

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