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Oct 26

Tips and tricks to master 5 a side football

Many people who are playing 5 a side football wonder what is to be done in order to score as many goals as possible and to help your team win the match. There may not be a certain magical recipe for this, but there are still some things that players can do in order to become masters of this sport and make the 5 a side football tournaments London they attend memorable. Here are some useful tips and tricks that all players should keep in mind.

Pass more, shoot less

One of the most important rules in 5 a side football is to pass… A LOT. The name of this sport speaks for itself – there are only five players in each team, so the pressure is much higher compared to regular football for instance. Players of this type of sport have to understand the importance of passing the ball more than aiming to score. However, if you receive the ball and you have the goal area clear, it is self-understood that you have to shoot and score.

Keep an eye on the opponent while playing

Another highly important aspect you have to consider when playing 5 a side football is that you have to stay focused from the beginning to the very last minute of the game. If you lose your focus, even for one second only, chances for the opponents to take the ball and to score significantly increase. You have to act fast and to keep your mind focused the whole time, which is also something that makes the difference between this type of football and the regular one.

Goalkeepers have to be in good shape

Yes, goalkeepers have to get in good shape, but this does not mean that they have to exercise until they become models, but to get in a good shape in order to be easier for them to save a shot. The role of a goalkeeper is highly important in 5 a side, since the pressure and the attempts to score increase during the game. What is more, goalkeepers should also be the ones who encourage their teammates whenever the score is not in their favour, so they should consider working on their motivation speech as well.

To conclude, these are some of the most important tips and tricks that 5 a side football players should take into account in order to improve their skills and to become legends.



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