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May 21

The costs for in vitro fertilization

Lately there are more and more young families who want to have children but can’t conceive them on a natural way from different reasons. Some of the reasons for the infertility could be the delay of a birth, the pollution, contraceptive pills, some anatomical problems etc.

In vitro fertilization would be a solution for couples who want to have a baby by all means, despite the diagnosis of “infertility”. In average, a couple needs three attempts to obtain a pregnancy through in vitro fertilization, all depending on the diagnostic. Although for those couples who have more reasons for infertility, in vitro fertilization would be the only realistic option for having a pregnancy.

If you are interested in the in vitro fertilization costs, and you’ll certainly be because it is a real investment after all, first you have to know and to understand how the final price of the fertilization is made. No matter the procedure, beside the in vitro fertilization there would be another costs involved and only the medication can reach 1800 Euro, and the analyses made before the form in the procedure would cost as well. The initial consultation could be 7% to 10% of the in vitro fertilization cost.

Here is an example of costs for a standard in vitro fertilization (of course it depends on the clinic or hospital you go to). The standard IVF pack will consists in (monitoring and sampling oocytes, sperm preparation, culture of embryo and transfer in second or third day) and the costs would be around 2300 Euro. The additional procedures are: general anesthesia and oocytes sampling –around 180 Euro, ICSI -400 Euro, P-ICSI-450 Euro, Assisted Hatching -200 Euro, extended cultivation of the embryo more than 72 hours 250 Euro, surgical harvesting of sperm through puncture or biopsy with general anesthesia -650 Euro. There would be also the cryoconservation (around 750 Euro) and if you want a donation or a surrogate mother program this would cost you also around 750 Euro.

In some countries the health insurance agencies covers a part of these costs or the entire cost of the in vitro fertilization but other doesn’t cover any of them. India is one of the countries with the greater experience in this field and also with the lower costs when is about in vitro fertilization while in Europe, Hungary or Latvia seems to be very good options.


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