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Apr 5

Stress and its medical implications: How should employers react


Unfortunately stress has turned into a daily, unfortunate reality of the modern world. Although doctors due their job and inform the large public about the seriousness of the problem, little is actually done to prevent or improve this situation. People go on about living their lives in exactly the same manner as they did before, completely disregarding the advice given by doctor. Without sounding drastic, it can be said that stress is now a deadly disease. The impact of stress can be measured simply by looking at what problems your body is displaying. Indeed stress has turned from a few sleepless nights to actual medical issues of real importance. The even bigger issues is that employers, who have been known to work their staff a bit too hard are now suffering the consequences of their own actions. Stress affects them as much as it does their staff. A stressed out, sick staff will not make as much profit as a healthy one. For that reason, solutions as the ones presented by come very much in handy. Health screening can bring out a few interesting pieces of information. You can check this site to find out more about this service.  Meanwhile, here are the medical implications of the day-to-day high stress levels.

Cardiac problems

These are the most common problems, which are caused by stress. Connected with a high blood pressure, stress can cause serious cardiac problems. In some cases, it has been concluded that in cases of death, caused by heart failure, in individuals that would normally be out of the question for such a diagnosis given their young age, stress was responsible. Cardiac problems are a very popular result of living a stressful life.


Anxiety is yet another medical problem caused by stress. Unfortunately not many people award this issue with the attention it deserve. Symptoms such as headaches, a sense of panic, dizziness, even nausea all announce the patient is actually suffering of anxiety. When left untreated, anxiety itself can become the explanation for cardiac problems, including heart failure.

Stomach issues

Nutrition is absolutely essential in leading a healthy lifestyle. It is very important to maintain a balanced diet, avoiding as much as possible unhealthy foods such as sweets or fast food. However, when under pressure, when overly stressed and when spending a lot of time at the office, you begin consuming unhealthy foods, which end up affecting your organism. Plus, your caffeine consumption levels seriously increase, which is also an unhealthy practice. All these put together can certainly lead to stomach issues. These are all due to stress and as long as you keep this in control and maintain a healthy lifestyle, things might change for the better.

Because it is hard to fix heath problems, which already exist, you could give health screening a serious thought, especially if you are considering rewarding your staff. Make sure a healthy team is working for you and in the end, you will be gaining more than you thought.


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