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Sep 10

Smokers are becoming more conscious of their health and are switching to vaping


All smokers understand at least some of the health implication of their daily habit, but often fail to manage making an actual change in this department. While doing more extensive research on the topic, you will understand better what a single cigarette can do to your body. Despite all the proof you have access to, medical studies, articles, even books, giving up on cigarettes is extremely difficult, being in fact an addiction. What you can however do, to ease the transition is to replace smoking with vaping. While not entirely risk-free, e-cigarettes are safer and you’ll find out why in the info below:

No tobacco

Obviously, the main thing that makes e-cigarettes far less harmful than their traditional counterpart is the lack of tobacco. This means that once you make the switch, your body will no longer be affected by the constant dosage of burnt tobacco that you were inhaling daily, and you can get more details on the subject by checking out what experts at have to say. While still having some chemicals that might not exactly be health-friendly, vaping will allow you to have a better command of your health as soon as you are no longer having any tobacco.

Reducing lung cancer risks

As some specialists claim, by simply replacing smoking with vaping, you will be lowering your risks of dealing with a potential lung cancer in the future. The direct connection between smoking and lung cancer has been proven in various studies, so while a smoker, you are aware and accept those risk. However, while still containing nicotine, it has been shown that this component isn’t the one actually affecting the health of the lungs, but from the combustion of tobacco. This means lung diseases are less of a worrying issue when you are vaping instead of actually smoking.

Other pros

While your health should be the main reason why you choose to replace regular cigarettes with e-cigarettes, you should also know that there are a few other advantages linked to this change of habit. One strong factor that could also determine you to give this possibility some thought is the financial positivity revolving around it. You are currently probably spending a lot of money on cigarettes, and while vaping does come with some costs, you will be able to save quite a lot at the end of each moment, this alternative being far more affordable. Once you do the math, you’ll certainly start thinking more about how much money you spend on cigarettes and how much you could actually save.

Giving up on this unhealthy habit altogether can seem not only challenging but impossible, if it has been part of your lifestyle for many years. This is why vaping can be a great alternative, allowing you to enjoy the same experience, while reducing the health risk that smoke usually involves. More and more smokers are starting to switch to vaping, and after analyzing the factors above mentioned, you can clearly understand why vaping is the safer alternative to smoking and you should consider pursuing a switch as soon as possible.


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