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Nov 20

Practicing mindfulness – where to start and how can it help you


Practicing mindfulness became a condition in the 21st century, when society started to suffer more often from mental conditions. The prevalence of depression and the risks of developing other mental affections is obvious these days, and it mostly happens because of the chaotic lifestyle that people lead. It’s no secret that mental health and spiritual wellbeing go together, so people must find ways to practice mindfulness and engage in spirituality for a clearer path in life. Here are some methods to do it:


Developing focus

The first step in your mindfulness journey should be learning how to live in the moment. People who suffer from depression or anxiety find it difficult to focus on the present moment. That is the reason why people must exercise directing their focus to something productive or positive. Trying meditation will tell you a lot about your current strength of concentration. When you’ll try meditating for the very first time, you’ll notice how your thoughts wander in all places and directions. In order to calm your mind down, you have to meditate as often as possible and refocus your thoughts each time they stray away.

The minimalist life

Starting to live a minimalist life is what you need in case your life is too agglomerated. Depressed people often feel even worse when their house is cluttered with all sorts of objects. Start to read some books about depression and see what pieces of advice you can find on living more, with less objects around you. Go easy on yourself at first, as you might find it difficult to get rid of some items in your life. Decluttering will get complicated when you are going to think about all that money you spend on objects that don’t really make a difference in your life, but find the strength to get rid of anything that doesn’t directly influence your state of being.

Slowing it down

Don’t force mindfulness. You need to give time to the process. It will take weeks or even months of practice until you are ready to erase negative thoughts out of your mind and start living in the present moment. You should be fully dedicated to the purpose of becoming mindful if you would like to see progress as soon as possible. Once you develop the ability to prioritize mindfulness, you will find it much easier to cope with everything that’s going on in your life. Plus, your mental health should be visibly improved shortly.

Keep a mindfulness journal

Keeping a mindfulness journal can help you avoid a bad thought relapse. In fact, old habit energy will attempt to pull you back into depression, anxiety or the lifestyle you used to live. A journal should guide you to the right path and keep these thoughts away from you. You’ll be able to find all sorts of mindfulness journals online. Print them down and follow the rules you find there.


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