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Jul 4

Peyronie’s disease causes problems with a man’s health


Penis curvature is a very painful condition that does not go away without being treated. Hardened plaques form under the skin of the member, the result being that it loses flexibility and develops a specific curve. A curvature of the male genital organ can signal Peyronie’s disease. Doctors do not know what causes the illness. What they know is that it deeply affects patients. The impact of Peyronie’s disease is considerable, causing numerous medical conditions. Please continue to find out more.   

Penile deformity

Not all penile conditions lead to significant problems. However, there are exceptions. Take Peyronie’s disease, for example. Plaque forms inside the member and, as a consequence, men have a tiny curve. When the bent is considerable, the penis can even shorten. Yes, loss of length is possible. Surgery to help correct the abnormal curvature of the male genitalia results in a reduction of the penis length. The long side is reduced so as to reduce the painful erection. Penis curvature can also lead to the loss of the girth. Men practically lose their manhood.         

Erectile dysfunction

A great number of men who suffer from penis curvature experience erectile dysfunction. They find it hard to get and maintain an erection. Put simply, men have problems in the bedroom. What happens is that the penis is not firm enough for sexual intercourse. Let us not forget about the excruciating pain. The pain is sharp and constant during erection. That is because scar tissue develops and there is a strain on the surrounding tissue. Basically, all the necessary ingredients to create an erection are there, but your body is refusing to cooperate with you. According to experts at International Andrology London, erectile dysfunction can be cured, as long as the cause is a physical one. There are different kinds of treatments available, like vitamins, medication, and surgery. Most importantly, they work.

Psychological distress

Male health problems are associated with poor outcomes. Awareness of symptoms like pain, feeling scar tissues under the skin, indentations can lead to psychological distress. Men experience unpleasant feelings and emotions. Common feelings and emotions include sadness, anger, shame, and fear. Those who suffer from Peyronie’s disease feel that they have lost control. They cannot do anything about the illness and they find it impossible to cope with it all. It should not come as a surprise that many sufferers succumb to depression. Many experts say that personality traits are involved in the genesis of the depression. That may be so, but it is impossible to ignore the fact that penis curvature has a significant effect on one’s life. The point is that it is not all in people’s head.  

As we can see, Peyronie’s disease can cause tremendous health problems with a man’s health. Any many with penile curvature can have difficulty. What is important is to learn how to overcome these difficulties and live a normal life. There are options to correct the problems and men should take advantage of them.


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