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Jan 6

Men need to take calcium supplements too

Healthy men think that they do not need to take calcium supplements. They do not supplement their diet out of belief that it might not do them very much good. When it comes to dietary supplements, like AlgaeCal, there is no such thing as side effects. AlgaeCal side effects are out of the question and men should understand that taking dietary supplements is necessary. Diet is largely considered a good way of getting this essential mineral, but men do not get the amount of nutrient you need from the foods they eat. Taking pills is thus essential. Those who rarely take calcium should consider doing the exact opposite. Men should take these supplements for optimal health.

Why men should take calcium supplements

Men will benefits tremendously from taking calcium supplements. The pills do a world of good when it comes to bone health. Calcium is essential for maintaining bone density, so there is no need to worry about bone fractures or, worse, developing osteoporosis. It is common knowledge that the mineral plays an important role in maintaining strong bones and teeth, but is less known is the fact that it helps the muscles contract and the blood clot. The point is that men who wish to stay healthy overall should take dietary supplements.

How much calcium men need

The issue is now how much calcium is enough. We hear time and time again that getting enough nutrient is important, but it is rarely specified how much nutrient is sufficient. If you have doubt regarding the recommended dietary allowance, keep in mind this: take between 1,000 and 1, 2000 milligrams of calcium. It is important to keep in mind that men and women have different requirements. While women may require more mineral and can increase the daily intake, men do not.

Types of calcium supplements available

As surprising as it may sound, there is more than one type of dietary supplement available. Nonetheless, the best form depends on the needs. While calcium carbonate and citrate are the most popular ones, it is important to consider dietary supplements from algae as well. Some consider them to be very effective and unlike most products available on the market they contain vitamin D which is known to help mineral absorption. What is certain is that the absorption rate is a good one. Regarding trustworthy brands, we have provided an example right at the beginning of the article.


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