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May 12

How to Improve Male Sexual Performance

Although women still fight for their right to equality in certain aspects of our modern society, we often forget that men also have to suffer due to the same inequality. If women complain that they’re not seen as capable and intelligent, men should complain about the pressures put on them to become go-getters, to constantly affirm their masculinity, to prove their virility and leadership qualities. If women complain that they are being objectified, men could complain that they are pressured into performing well in bed every time.

One of the most powerful industries of the modern world is related to men’s performance in bed, and convincing them that this or that treatment can improve their stamina, enlarge their penis, or simply make them last longer during intercourse. Men are also shamed with unrealistic standards, which is why lots of them fall for these snake-oil treatments that in most cases do absolutely nothing. However, there are ways in which men can improve their sexual performance, but there are no miracle solutions. In what follows we are going to present some of the few methods that can help you have better sexual experiences and be less worried that you won’t be able to satisfy your partner.

Take Care of Your Health

First of all, sexual intimacy is all about being relaxed with the other person and not feeling any pressure; to achieve this, you must communicate and tell each other what you would enjoy doing, and even what your limits are. Secondly, your physical health has a lot to do with your performance in bed; if you eat healthy, sleep enough and exercise regularly, you will ensure your body has good blood flow and that everything is balanced and in good condition. Because erections function on blood pressure, you need to see that your circulatory system is good. Smoking tobacco and eating lots of carbs can lead to circulatory problems, so try to reduce or eliminate them from your system. Exercising can be a good way to combat these problems too, not to mention they also give you the muscle resistance to go through the effort.

You Are What You Eat

Ever since immemorial times, we have discussed about the possible aphrodisiac characteristics of certain foods. Similarly, there are foods that can increase your stamina; onion and garlic are two foods that can get you active and improve your circulation. Naturally spicy foods serve the same purpose, but there are other options too, such as bananas with their potassium, oysters for their mineral zinc, red wine – which works perfectly in a romantic situation – and many others.

Play With Her and With Yourself

Although it may sound surprising for some, masturbation can actually help you get better erections. First of all, it is important for men and the good functioning of their systems to ejaculate; it balances your hormones and can make you last longer in bed. By masturbating we learn what our bodies like, but we can also learn to control our bodies; for instance, you can use masturbation as a tool to control yourself from ejaculating prematurely. You can do it up to a point where you are close to ejaculating, and then stop yourself until the arousal is reduced, only to start again. But working with yourself is not enough to improve your performance in bed; you have to work with your partner as well. Women take a longer time to get fully aroused, and they love foreplay just as much as they love the actual intercourse; take advantage of this fact and give your partner longer minutes of foreplay; this will get her closer to climaxing and reduce your need to refrain yourself from ejaculating.

Good performance in bed is not always associated with how long you last in bed; very long intercourse sessions are not always possible or desired, what matters is exactly what you do while you’re doing it.

Use natural treatments

Synthetic male enhancement drugs can affect your fertility and they can cause hormonal imbalances. Natural remedies may take longer to work but the results that they offer are long lasting and side effect free. One of the best natural male enhancement pills is VigRX plus. You can discover more about the benefits of these supplements on the website. You will see that this enhancement aid addresses a wide variety of sexual disorders.


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