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Oct 22

How Addicts’ Brains Work Differently Than Normal Peoples’ Brain


The human brain is the same for everyone in that the number of neurons in one normal brain is similar to that of another brain. Other structural components of the brain are also similar from one person to another. However, studies have shown that the brain of a drug addict may work differently, wired differently or controlled by different factors compared to that of a normal person. If your brain seems to be wired for addiction, you do not have to surrender to the promptings; you can overcome it and live your life normally. And if you have already surrendered unintentionally and you are looking for a way out, you can visit any of the best drug rehabs in your locality or beyond to get professional help.

Is the brain of a drug addict different?

Studies published in the Psychopharmacology, a journal, has it that the use of drugs prompts the affected person to seek reward and the brains of such individuals show an impaired ability to control the “reward-seeking” behavior.  The brain also feels less fulfilled even after the person has achieved the “reward” initially sought.  Bear in mind that this analogy is not limited to drug addicts; it also relates to anyone having an impulsive behavior that has become an uncontrollable habit.

Scientists are of the opinion that the cycle of addiction can be easily broken if the disconnect between the ability to regulate the behavior and the craving for a drug is addressed.

Also, those who are addicted to drugs find it challenging to make decisions and put their behaviors under control.  Scientists conclude that such a situation is due to the inability of their brains to process achievement and reward anticipation. Studies, however, show that only about 10% of cocaine users ever became addicted to it. This can give credence to the fact that substance abuse is not necessarily due to the frequent use of hard drugs, but due to something unique going on in the brain of those who get addicted.

The way out

You can always find a way out of drug addiction, irrespective of how long it has held you bound or what may be going on in your brain that is getting you addicted. All you need is professional help, and you can get the help from ibogaine treatment centers around you. The professionals can help change your orientation and put an end to the compulsive use of hard drugs               


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