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Jan 20

Health benefits of golfing you must know about

In our era, trying to become a little healthy is something we all look forward to. And the first step to it is becoming a little more physical active, since this have the great capability of adjusting all body functions, from the cardiac system, to our general health state and image about ourselves. And, for those trying to get a little bit into shape, there is an option of flexible golf membership. It comes with all advantages a traditional one has, plus a little more than that. However, for finding out what health benefits you can get from golfing, continue reading below.

1. Walking can improve your cardiovascular system

Did you know that on average a golf course a player is walking approximately 5 kilometers? This of course, comes as a great benefit, especially if you do this a couple times a week. As you can imagine, this also comes with stunning benefits if you look forward to staying fit, or why not, lose some weight. Body fat is not exclusively lost by running or strength training, and for those suffering from bone or joint issues, golfing can be the training they need for staying healthy and fit.

2. However, avoid injuries while golfing

Especially for those lacking some kind of experience in golfing, injuries are likely to appear sometimes. Therefore, make sure you follow some general rules when starting to golf. Make sure you do a session of stretching before starting your game, as it implies many movements, some of them sudden and ample, as well as a cool-down session after your game, for maintaining long, lean muscles. Also, another essential when golfing is sunscreen, since a game can last quite some time and you are spending it in plain sunlight. Avoid standing too close from other players when they take their shots. You don’t want to be a victim of a golf club. This, as well as paying attention to other players when taking your shots. Hydrate properly, because staying in sunlight as well as the effort you make can have some impact and dehydrate you quite a bit. Furthermore, if an injury occurs, although it might be tempting to continue playing, stop and seek medical help as soon as possible.

These are some general rules when playing golf. Make sure you follow them and your path to a healthier version of yourself is already opened.


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