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Jan 6

Getting calcium only from nutrition is a bad idea

It is no secret that calcium is a key nutrient. We are told repeatedly that getting calcium each day is important for maintaining an optimal health. Despite the fact that we know just how important calcium is, most of us completely neglect it in our diets. If you are like most people, then chances are that you have not been consuming foods rich in minerals. On the other hand, maybe you have. All your life you have been eating healthy, so it was not necessary to take dietary supplements. What you should know is that getting your calcium only from foods is a bad idea. Milk or yoghurt does not provide you as many nutrients you need to keep healthy. Dietary supplements can. You cannot get enough calcium without a supplement like AlgaeCal. If you avoided taking pills out of fear that you will experience AlgaeCal side effects, you should think twice.

Reasons why you should take calcium supplements

We are used to eating organic and raw sources of calcium, like dairy and leafy green vegetables, completely neglecting dietary supplements. If you rely heavily on nutrition, you should change your habits. While you may have the impression that you are doing just fine, the truth is that you are not. There is no question that you should eat a balanced diet, but to meet the daily allowance of bone-building mineral you should consider taking dietary supplements. Why? Well, because vegetables and most forms of dairy found on the market are not exactly natural. The truth is that they have very little nutrients. Another reason why you need to supplement with calcium is that the minerals you eat are eliminated by the body or not well absorbed. Nutrients are hard to get through food, especially if you suffer from a chronic condition. Finally yet importantly, pills contain vitamin D, which increases the absorption rate.  

How much calcium you need

The number of people that have healthy bones and teeth without supplementation is very low. Chance are that you are not one of the lucky ones. The only thing you can do to maintain optimal health is to take dietary supplements. The question is, however, how much calcium do you need? The human body does not need more than 300-400 mg per day. However, if you are struggling to maintain your bones, it is a good idea to get 1,000 mg in your diet.


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