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Jan 6

Excuses made by people when they refuse taking calcium supplements – here is the truth!


There are a lot of people who use many excuses for avoiding taking care of their health. And this thing also happens in the case of calcium deficiency, a very common health issue, according to studies. This is the reason why, here there is the truth behind those white lies and some good tips that can determine you to change your mind.

Nobody can guarantee the results of calcium supplements”

Allow us to contradict you because there is a product named AlgaeCal, which has the role to improve bones strength and density. And you do not have to believe our recommendation. You can look for AlgaeCal reviews which can be read online, without having to pay anything. Moreover, those who have created the product claim that they can give people back their money if positive results are not seen in short time. Also this supplement is so popular that is appeared in books like “Your bones” by Laura Pizzorno or “Forever young” by Nicholas Perricone. Maybe you should try consulting them.

I do not need calcium supplements because I eat dairy products”

It is true that milk, cheese, yogurt or other similar products contain a large dose of calcium, but sometimes it is difficult to eat all of them all. Not to mention the quality that can be somehow questionable. This is why, it is simpler to take supplements. But it does not mean that you have to replace these types of food with calcium supplements. You can combine the two elements and obtain a really healthy diet. Also, do not forget about physical excises.

Calcium supplements can cause side effects”

It is true that this happens in many cases, but there are products such as AlgaeCal which has been tested during years and it proved safety. This means that this is just a misconception and you do not have to worry about things like eyes irritation or headaches. And this happens due to the fact that the product is made from natural ingredients such as algae.

Calcium supplements are too expensive to invest in”

This is a very popular excuse which is used by those who are too neglectful. If you look on the Internet, you can find many good promotions for such products. And take into consideration to buy a larger quantity. Usually, you should take calcium supplements for about six months, in order to make sure that your bone density is considerably increased.


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