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Sep 1

Erectile dysfunction and psychological implications 


Erectile dysfunction has a great psychological impact on men of all ages, regardless of the fact that it may be a purely physical issue. Not only it leads to psychological issues of all kinds, including depression and anxiety, but it also leads to significant issues in relationships. Some of the most common feelings experienced by men with ED are: loss of manhood, insecurity, low self-esteem and self-worth, fear of becoming involved in new sexual or romantic interactions, aggressiveness, guilt. However, in cases in which this dysfunction is purely physical, there are reliable solutions all men should be aware of: products like Cenforce. But more about the psychological implications of ED, in the following paragraphs.  

1. Performance anxiety

One of the most common psychological manifestations of erectile dysfunction is a performance anxiety disorder.  This means that he perceives his erections don’t meet the requirements needed in order to satisfy a potential partner. This psychological state appears when a potential negative outcome becomes an expected and regular one. Even if a man experiences a single episode of this kind, there exists the possibility of creating a cycle of unhealthy performance anxiety feelings. The fear of experiencing repeated episodes prevents men to fully enjoy their lives.

2. Delusional expectations

Men with ED oftentimes experience delusional thoughts since they have unrealistic expectations from their sexual encounters. This adds to the stress experienced by them, and prevents them from enjoying other parts of their encounters. This is undoubtedly an unhealthy attitude towards life in general. However, many find it difficult to adapt their expectations to the existing reality.   

3. Stress

Although relationship stress may be one of the causes of erectile dysfunction, the other way around is also true. The stress caused by ED certainly leads to high levels of stress inside a relationship. However, depending on the status in which men find themselves in, at the moment at which they experience such issues, there are certain outcomes:

  • Those not involved in a relationship: those not involved in a relationship will experience fear and shame, and this will prevent them from entering one. Even if they succeed to overcome their fear, they may be unable to tell their new partner about their issues, which will lead to further stress and frustration.
  • Those in a relationship: emotional withdraw is one of the reactions many men with ED experience. This will make their partner experience rejection and lack of love, which will lead to frustration and unhappy feelings on both sides. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction find it difficult to verbalize their issues, which makes their partners think that their lack of enthusiasm is caused by them.

These are some of the psychological implications of erectile dysfunction. It is important to acknowledge that affected are also the partners. It is important to find a reliable treatment in one of the products available on the market. ED is not a permanent issue, and by taking action, men have the possibility to improve their and their partner’s status.


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