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Jul 8

Diseases That You Can Contract From Plain Tap Water

When we think about waterborne diseases, we usually think of underdeveloped countries where clean water is a luxury. However, despite the fact that most of the world is very advanced from a standard of living point of view, water purity remains a major concern. Lets dig deeper into this problem and see what are the risks to which we are exposing ourselves by coming in contact with unfiltered tap water.

Is all tap water dangerous?

Everywhere in the world, tap water providers are forced to abide by certain health requirements. However, those requirements only enforce rules for minimizing the risks, not for eliminating all health risks whatsoever. Moreover, even if the water is purified, when it travels through old pipes, it gathers numerous contaminants, and by the time it reaches our homes, it is anything but pure. The risks are indeed minimal, in most parts of the world, but even minimal risks can cause serious health problems in the long run.

What type of diseases can you contract by coming in contact with tap water

A lot of people are under the impression that tap water only poses a health risk when we drink it. It is true that by drinking the water, the contaminants travel faster to our internal organs. The most common diseases associated with drinking tap water are gastrointestinal diseases. Giardia, a chlorine resistant cysts is common in the tap water of numerous areas across the globe. This contaminant is particularly dangerous for children and newborn babies, whose immune systems are more sensitive than those of adults. Moreover, chlorine, which ironically is used for disinfecting the water, can also lead to numerous diseases and illnesses. Chlorine is even more dangerous since it does not need to be ingested in order to pose a health threat. Every time you run the dishwasher, you run the washing machine, you flush a toilet or you take a hot bath, chlorine and chloramine are evaporated from the water, forming toxic vapors. An improperly ventilated home will lead to prolonged exposure to toxic chlorine vapors, which in turn could lead to the development of numerous respiratory conditions, since chlorine and chloramine are known to be sever respiratory irritants. These are the most common health conditions associated with unfiltered tap water but are not the only ones.

How can you protect yourself from tap water contaminants

A simple yet not so efficient solution against tap water contaminants would be to only drink bottled water. However, since bottled water can be expensive, and you don’t always know how well it is purified, it is more efficient and more convenient to use a water filter. For a complete protection, we recommend a whole house water filter, which will also keep the toxic chlorine vapors at bay. If you don’t know which model to choose, visit a whole house water filter system site for more information. You will see that some filter models appear to be very similar at first, but they can have different advantages. One product may have a more extensive warranty while another one may require less maintenance. Only on a whole house water filter system site can you find all the information you need about these products, so that you can make the best decision for your health.


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