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May 20

Change eye color naturally

The iris of the eye is strongly pigmented,raging with colors from hazel to green, brown, blue, gray. The color of our eyes when we are born it is said to be the color that we are stuck with for the rest of our lives. Some people however don’t know that the color of our eyes can be changed through surgical procedure or sudtle through natural means. You can change your eye color in the comfort of your home and with few money.

Advice on how to change your eye color in the comfort of your home:

1.Light ca have an effect on your eye color so experiment with different lighting. If you have brown eyes you can make them appear green if you stay in the sunlight. Also,in the fluorescent light eye color may sometimes appear dull.

2.Wear item of clothing which accentuate the color of your eyes. Some colors may sometimes change the color of your eyes. You can accentuate your blue eyes if you wear brown or gold,your green eyes with green and lavender colors and brown eyes with green colors and dark hues. Even thow it is not a major change it is noticeable.

3.Give color to your home. Having different colors in your house can accentuate the different pigments in our eyes making them look brighter,lighter or darker. For green eyes lavender will make your eyes pop, for hazel eyes amber is the color you need and for blue eyes try golds and mellow yellow.

4.As far as make-up is concerned you should try different designes. You can accentuate your eyes with mascara,eye liner and eye shadow if you have yellow or green pigments,dark eye shadow if your eyes are light brown,violets and purple if you have green eyes and gold eye shadow for blue eyes.


There are other ways to change your eye color such as eye tattooing but it is still in an experimental stage so if you do it you are taking some risks. You can also use contact lenses, nowadays you can have any color you want even extravagant colors like:red,yellow,purple and white.

Another method which is used nowadays is surgical procedure consisting of placing a colored disk under your eyes. It is a interocular implant which also fixes other problems of the eyes such as ocular albinism,iris heterochromia or traumatic irides but can also change the color of the eye. You can make your eyes from brown to blue,green,black or from a lighter color to a darker color.


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