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Nov 29

10 Harmful Myths About Alcoholism

Whether people admit it or not, nowadays pretty much everybody believes they have a good grasp of the subject of alcohol. However according to the professionals at, the large majority of people might have been led astray by a number of myths, which in many cases could be very harmful.

It is said that knowledge is power, which in the topic of any type of drug whatsoever could not be more accurate. The more information you have about alcohol, the better you could understand the subject and make sensible decisions regarding its use. By contrast, the less you know about the topic, the more likely you’re to make harmful decisions.

So just to clarify a few of these myths once and for all, here is a short overview of 10 examples on the topic of alcoholism:

1 – You Need To Hit Rock Bottom Before Getting Better

The biggest issue with this idea is that it basically allows people with serious alcohol problems to justify not seeking professional help. The truth is, it is like anything else in life – the earlier a problem is resolved, the better the chances of a successful outcome. In all cases, waiting to hit rock bottom can be a very bad idea.

2 – Everyone Drinks, So It Must Be OK

This is a great example of “if everybody else decided to jump off that cliff, will you follow them? Instances. Just because everybody else you know consumes alcohol on a regular basis does not mean it is not harmful or that it is a good idea.

3 – If You’re Being Employed, You Can’t Have An Alcohol Problem

Once again, believing this particular myth has the potential to lead to a situation where a person with a serious alcohol issue fails to seek help when they can really use some professional assistance. In many cases, it’s possible to have an almost completely normal life in the middle of an extremely harmful alcohol addiction.

4 – Alcohol Addiction Could Be Cured With Willpower

Sadly, this is simply not the case at all. While it is valid to say that willpower always plays an important role in helping beat an addiction, the truth is that alcoholism has such detrimental effects in the overall physical health of a person that professional assistance must always be required.

5 – To Control Drinking Is Easy

Wrong – in the cases of people with alcohol addiction, being able to control drinking is borderline impossible. This could be may be best illustrated by the millions of individuals who don’t suffer from alcoholism but don’t appear capable of having “just one” drink.

6 – If You Quit Alcohol Today, Everything Will Become Perfect Tomorrow

Once again, this statement is simply not the reality of things. Usually alcohol will have taken its toll on a person’s body and so quitting drinking in a “cold turkey” style could lead to serious physical, domestic, social, professional and mental issues.

7 – Rehab Can Guarantee Total Recovery

Unfortunately, there is not a rehab centre in the world that could guarantee a specific outcome as it will all come down to the commitment, actions and long-term behaviour of the person in question. Rehab centres exist to provide as much help and support as required, though can’t cure alcohol addiction alone.

8 – Some Instances Of Alcoholism Are Hopeless

This is really not the case at all as no matter how long the person in question has been fighting an alcohol issue, there will always be a number of avenues to try and explore. The only issue is that when this specific statement has been believed, the person in question is less likely to seek help or treatment.

9 – Being Sober Is Boring

This is a very common myth that anyone who has spent most of their recent life can find themselves believing. In fact however, life without alcohol could be exponentially more rewarding, satisfying and enjoyable than any state of intoxication.

10 – Rehab Is Only For Advanced Cases

Last up, what so many people simply don’t understand is that alcohol therapy and rehab exist for anyone who wishes to get their alcohol drinking habits under control. You do not have to be addicted to alcohol or controlled by it. If you are under the impression that you have started drinking too much and would like to change that, professional assistance is always available.




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